What happens in Las Vegas, stays (not) in …

May 2, 2018

Exactly 4 weeks ago, Padma and I visited Las Vegas! We always say, we don’t talk about what we do in Las Vegas! Heard more than once, the cliché ” Lost Wages”! But  on this occasion, I would like to  share my joy, in meeting my classmates (1963-64) and friends from my alma mater, L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India for a reunion after 50+ years!

Thanks to Arvind and Pradip’s initiative, about dozen  friends and spouses spent few days  (April 3 – 6) and acquainted ourselves with our life stories after college and especially, how each one of us dealt the challenges of living, raising family and making a career. Amazingly, the variety of experiences shared by friends made me more appreciative of the education foundation LDCE had provided to us in tackling the life after college. Even traveling about 10,000 miles away from India, all of us were able to overcome the challenges of First Generation Immigrants!

What was heartening was that in addition to succeeding as Engineers, with the help of the equally able spouse, we settled well in dynamic society of US. Here are some of the moments of our meeting:



Nikhilesh shared few poems from his book “Whispered Beauty”, that he authored and published in 2016. He gave a copy to each one of us and I would like to share one of the poem:

Software Girl

She is a software girl with a deep passion

Moving little fingers in a piano fashion

Excelling in Word and powering projects

Accessing all in organizing dockets!

Creating poetic stanzas of joyful poetry

Perhaps shaping sculptor’s artistic geometry

May be formulating orbital path of rocketry

Possibly customizing reactions of chemistry!

Bringing children a wonderful world of animation

Creating a colorful universe in bright imagination

Galaxy pictures making heavenly creation

Turning dreams to reality with make-believe formation!

She is a software girl simple and graceful

But powerful to make this world beautiful!

So, Arvind (Manjula), Pradip (Barbara), Bharat, Kamlesh (Shreya), Nikhilesh (Bakula), Vinod (Bina), Nanu (Shobhana), Vikram (son Bijal), Harendra (Minaxi), Pravin and Ramesh: Padma and I were very happy to meet you after a long time! Hopefully we will meet again in 2020 at Ahmedabad,  reconnect with many other friends and share our life experiences!  Let us continue to live an interesting “Life”!


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