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February 28, 2018 In 1967, I crossed half the world to get to know America and its leading edge technologies! Saw the evolution of the computing technology right in front my eyes, its overwhelming presence and impact in the industries and now on the social front and globalization! Having been a Daytonian for 40 plus years, have developed a perspective which is a combination of affinity with the past, balanced view about the life in present and curiosity for the future! Being a technologist with bit of philosopher attitude mixed in, I am always fascinated by this wonder called the universe and the species that co-exist here!

Let me reflect on the title of this Blog Site! Every one of us like to be happy, successful and look at a future which is nothing but full of promises! But in reality, this life includes all thoughts and actions of the past, present and future! The result of these thought triggered actions is the ROI (Return On Investment ) of one’s life! Generally we like to reminisce about our past, observe our present and imagine our future! The purpose is to be “Happy”! This blog site is a shared vehicle to explore this by Reminiscing about the past, Observing the present and Imagining the future actions!

The year 2017 was an interesting one in my life! On June 13th, Padma and I celebrated 50 years of marriage! On July 12th, I started my 4th quarter of life! On September 9th, I completed my 50 years in United States. From now onwards, I will be regularly sharing my thoughts on life experiences (Reminisce), reactions (Observe) and future trends (Imagine). Please sign up as a follower and you will be notified with an alert, whenever a new item gets published. Your comments are welcome. Life is to be lived and thoughts need to be communicated!

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