9/11/01: What did we learn from this tragedy ..

September 12, 2011

Yesterday, I watched again with shock and admiration how the people of New York City handled the unthinkable tragedy and how the family members and the community (all Americans) stood and worked together to overcome the challenge posed by that event 10 years ago!

What is amazing, that the unity and resolve we demonstrated in dealing with this event, is totally lacking in the challenges we are facing now! The all Americans, Washington, and so-called leaders have polarized USA at a such dysfunctional level (with a totally unprofessional behavior by the media, who is not just reporting, but some times encouraging the polarization), that we have lost sense of what Americans stood for and what they have become! I remember very well, that 4 fundamental attributes of Americans were: compassion for fellow beings, amazing creativity, can do attitude (ability to deal with and overcome challenges – remember “Let’s go to Moon in a decade”), and always stay one step ahead of the world! Now the motto is “It is not my fault”; “I am OK, you are not”. “I don’t need to work for America; America need to provide for me”. We are complaining about lack of jobs, but we don’t want to learn new skills, we don’t want to recognise that the new clients do not have “western” thinking mentality and we want our consumption based economy to jump-start without taking into consideration the impact of the globalization perspective.

Our leaders – Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Business, Banking, Insurance Industry and Healthcare Industry – have forgotten that we work for America, not other way around! We need more leaders like Bloomberg, Buffett, Jobs who can get America to work proactively, be self-reliant and at the same time be compassionate!

What do you think? Please share your views ..


  1. It has been repeatedly exhibited in many countries that whenever there is a serious threat to the country, all people of the country show remarkable unity and action to meet the challenge. However in most democracies, governments in power have failed to build on such powerful nationalistic sentiments and sustain it. May be the compulsions of democracy force them to polarize the people into various sects for electoral advantage. They also become poor role models to encourage any selfless thinking among the citizens. The image of freedom fighters during independent movements or image of soldiers fighting during a war which bring forth the unity and nationalistic fervor among people is distinctly different from the self serving leaders of democracy all over the world. Prakash

  2. I agree whole heartedly with Prakash. It is a sad commentary about our political system: be it democracy or communism. Power corrupts however the good a person is.!!That is why people like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Tanzania President Nyere (spelling may be wrong) refused to become heads of states.Bharati

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