One – One – One One

January 1, 2011

Today, I thought I will reflect on my observations about what we experienced in Year 2010 and what we hope for the new year 2011!  But that will happen in my next blog!

This morning when I was thinking about the title of this blog, I observed the interesting pattern in today’s date 1/1/11. If we think about it, every one wants to be No. 1! All our individual efforts are striving for getting that place (No. 1) for ourselves! Even our scriptures recommend each individual to focus on the “One” (God)! So today’s date is a good reminder to every one to put individual energies to use in good actions for number 1, to be number 1 and merge with 1 (11)! Isn’t this an interesting way to look at 1-1-11 (One – One – One One)? HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

1 Comment

  1. Fascinating observation. But the method to 1 is of crucial significance. Any recommendations? The process of transforming intellectual capital to day to day living is very hard and has been the source of zillions of books on the subject. No amount of new years resolution can get us to being one or be with one. I would like to hear from someone who is there or almost there

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