A Family Event …

September 18, 2010

Today, I woke up and saw a clip of news on TV about the NFL game between  quarterback brothers – Peyton and Eli !  The announcer interviewed the parents – Archie and Olivia Manning!  It was fascinating to realize that how odd an occurrence (one in a zillion chance) of having three Super Quarterbacks from one family!  We all know about Peyton playing for Colts and Eli for Giants are the quarterbacks who have already won the Superbowl!  But I do remember that Archie was the quarterback playing for New Orléans in 70s and he was recognized as one of  the best quarterback of that decade!  Now we may be awed by the brilliance and luck that  make them successful in such a competitive and high pressure field, but it would be fascinating to realize the talents of Olivia who provided the inspiration to her husband and nurturing love for her sons to become so successful!  We do have to wonder, what these four souls would have done to connect in this life and be a part of one family!  I am sure we all would watch the game tonight, but we would be watching an inspiring event of a family with 4 equally talented members!


  1. Thanks Gaurang for this information. I had no idea that Eli and Payton’s father also was a NFL Quaterback!!That is amazing.
    Jitu and I follow tennis faithfully and always are in awe when we hear about the parents of some of the players. The parents are also well known athelets.

  2. What would you call “Motilal – Jawaharlal – Indira – Rajiv – Rahul …..” Destiny, training or dynasty? There are many instances of one family producing superb talents in various fields like Sports (Hanif brothers in Cricket), entertainment (Prithviraj Kapoor family) or politics (Kennedy family): may be it is genetic.

  3. Thanks, Bharati! The famous Tennis brothers I remember are McEnroes, but both of them were not equally succeesful! Even Williams sisters’ father was not the Tennis champion!

    Thanks, Prakash! Politics and Entertainment successes involve lot of factors, but not neccessarily talent! So called Nehru, Kennedy and Kappor dynasties were built by lot of controversial behind the scenes influences! And all siblings were not equally successful! Hanif brothers were famous but their father was not!

    The quarterback in Football is one of the rare talent which requires leadership, brain and brawn! This is like 3 members from the same family (father and sons) becoming the Captain of the Cricket Team who have won World Cup or the Goal Keeper of a country who have become World Cup Champions! It has n’t happened yet!

    – Gaurang

  4. Hi

    Welcome to the world of blogging

    We often underestimate the strength and power of the quiet women behind the scenes. While I have not seen the interview I sure that the mother is a force – a “soft power” – that enabled all these men to be successful and that she could offer valuable advice to us all on how to create and nurture excellence.

  5. Hi Gaurang
    I loved your blog and reading your profile, I liked your writing style. Looking forward to intresting blogs……………. Charu

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